Confirmation FAQs

Common Questions

Questions: What if my child goes to Catholic School, do they need to attend the Confirmation Program?

Answer: No, If your child attends Catholic School he or she does not need to attend the Sunday night events and the 75% attendance requirement does not apply to them. They receive all their Confirmation education at school.

Question: If my child attends Catholic school, does he/she need to attend the Confirmation Retreat?

Answer: Yes. They do still need to attend the Confirmation retreat to fulfill the requirement. The Retreat is a time for your teen to experience Christ on a personal level and to form them for Confirmation.

Question: How many Retreats are offered?

Answer: There are two retreats offered. One in the Spring and one in the fall. Your teen must attend one of them during the year before your Confirmation. In the 9th grade year your teen can attend the Spring Retreat and the fall of 10th grade your teen can attend the Fall retreat.

Question: If my child goes to Catholic School, do they need to complete the Service Requirement?

Answer: Yes, your child still needs to complete the service project requirement for Confirmation. The idea of the Service Requirement is to promote Msgr. Marren's view of Community and Family within the Parish.

Question: How many hours are needed to complete the service requirement?

Answer: 0 hours. Your teen only needs to complete two service projects fulfill this requirement. The service projects must be sponsored by a Church Ministry. There is no required number of hours, the only thing is they complete two approved projects.