Recent Deaths

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Added Deaths
        Betty Burleigh, sister of Tom Burleigh (5-13-17)

William Leahy, husband of Anne Leahy (5-6-17)
       Funeral Monday, May 22, 11:00am

Norma Pierson, wife of Edgar Pierson (5-5-17)

Jack Cawley, husband of Alice Cawley, founding members of All Saints (5-3-17)
       Funeral Friday May 12, 1:00pm

Vivian Kinney, sister of Polly Dodd

Michael M. Lysak, husband of Mary AnnLysak, founding members of All Saints (2-25-17)

Florence Wasowski, mother of Stan Wasowski;

Sheila Norcross, sister of Rena Kalna

Philip E. Kruzick, husband of Ruth Kruzick (2-14-17)

Raymond Joseph Espinosa, Grandfather of Katie Tessaro (2-9-17)

Charles Thomas York, husband of Ida York 02-14-17)

Wilbur Neil, brother of Duane Neil

Anne Garrity (12-19-16)

Timothy Lynch, husband of Rita Lynch and father of Kelly Owings (1-18-17)

Tom Dempsey, brother-in-law of Dave Webster (1-10-17)