Recent Deaths

Please notify your ministry if you feel they may know these people.

George P. Novac (05-31-17)

Former parishioner, second Grand Knight of the All Saints Council.  He was instrumental in the introduction of our Lenten Fish Frys and the construction of Our Lady of the Knights Chapel in All Saints church.

Mary Bruce Hughes, mother of Erin Crawford (5-25-17)

Patrick James Callahan, husband of Theresa Callahan (5-18-17)

Betty Burleigh, sister of Tom Burleigh (5-13-17)

William Leahy, husband of Anne Leahy (5-6-17)

Norma Pierson, wife of Edgar Pierson (5-5-17)

Jack Cawley, husband of Alice Cawley, founding members of All Saints (5-3-17)

Vivian Kinney, sister of Polly Dodd

Michael M. Lysak, husband of Mary AnnLysak, founding members of All Saints (2-25-17)

Florence Wasowski, mother of Stan Wasowski;

Sheila Norcross, sister of Rena Kalna

Philip E. Kruzick, husband of Ruth Kruzick (2-14-17)

Raymond Joseph Espinosa, Grandfather of Katie Tessaro (2-9-17)

Charles Thomas York, husband of Ida York 02-14-17)

Wilbur Neil, brother of Duane Neil

Anne Garrity (12-19-16)

Timothy Lynch, husband of Rita Lynch and father of Kelly Owings (1-18-17)

Tom Dempsey, brother-in-law of Dave Webster (1-10-17)