Future Plans

Future Plans in Answering the Needs

After listening to a variety of parishioners, there appears to be a need for not only more and larger meeting rooms, but also for space that would accommodate future requirements. This need was further confirmed by several Focus Groups held at the parish in November, 2013.

In response to this need, we had structural engineers perform a foundation inspection (Shields Engineering Group) and geotechnical evaluation (Universal Engineering Sciences) on our present soil and facilities. They found that the church and administration buildings were built on a form of sand or silt. It was discovered that after more than thirty years, the foundations are still settling or shifting. In the early 80’s, this was also found to be the case at the northwest corner of the church. The foundation was cracking and in an effort to correct it, concrete was poured under the slab to support the foundation, but with negative results.

The engineers offered two solutions for the church:

  • Sink pylons to support the concrete slab with horizontal structural membranes. This would be an expensive solution with no sure guarantee of success.
  • Their recommended option is to build a new church and remove much of the shifting sand and silt, putting the church on a firm foundation.
  • To expand our administration building, the most affordable way is to start over from scratch.

In light of our findings, we asked a number of architects to submit plans for new structures. After looking at their renditions we selected Smith Boland Architects to provide us with their concept. Their concept increases our space from 39,972 square feet to 103,310 square feet. It provides the following:

  • The church would have a 1,000-seat capacity, a choir area, a 100-seat chapel, and a walk-in basement with a parish hall. The parish hall would accommodate 500 seated guests, have a kitchen and storage space.
  • The administration building would consist of three levels. The first two levels would accommodate the office staff, library, conference rooms and the Parish School of Religion. The third level would feature a youth and young adults lounge to accommodate 500 young people.
  •  The Columbarium and Memorial Garden and Cell Tower will remain as is on the site.