Curriculum Corner

A glimpse of our children's learning in action…

At the Preschool at All Saints, children's learning is inspired by thoughtfully chosen themes and ideals.  These inspirations are woven into the child's day and serve as a springboard for learning and exploration.  Each month, we share these inspirations so that families are able to extend learning at home.  

Our Curriculum Corner publication highlights some of the themes and topics within our curriculum and documents the children learning via snapshots of the current month's activities. 

Click on the links below for 2016-17 School Year updates.

April 2017 Curriculum Corner  

March 2017 Curriculum Corner 

February 2017 Curriculum Corner 

December 2016 Curriculum Corner   

October 2016 Curriculum Corner  

September 2016 Curriculum Corner 


2015-16 School Year updates

May Curriculum Corner

April 2016 Curriculum Corner 

February 2016 Curriculum Corner 

January 2016 Curriculum Corner   

December 2015 Curriculum Corner 

October 2015 Curriculum Corner 

September 2015 Curriculum Corner