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Let Your Light

August 4, 2017

by Msgr. Hugh Marren, Pastor

It’s not double jeopardy but Nick Fawcett offers us the following:

Quiz:  Who is?

1. He earned the title “Defender of the Faith” yet led the English Catholic Church away from Rome.

2. Some say he never actually lived. He had a sword called Excalibur and is associated with a Round Table.

3. He was originally from Holland, married Mary and sounds like he ruled over fruit.

4. He was King of Denmark and Norway. He went on a pilgrimage to Rome in 1027 and he tried to turn back the sea.

5. He went away on several crusades. He left his brother in charge of the country. He was known as the “Lionhearted”.

6. He was King of England and was known for his personal piety and love of justice. A Shakespearean play is named after him.

7. He was the second Stuart king of England and Scotland. During his reign a civil war started. He was eventually beheaded.

8. He ruled an ancient civilization and was known as “the Great.” His father who was ruler before him had the same name.

9. Blamed for the “Great Fire of Rome,” he was eventually forced to commit suicide.

10. He suffered from various disabilities but as emperor of Rome he annexed Britain to the Roman Empire. He was eventually poisoned.

11. He was the King of Israel.

12. He was famed for his wisdom and oversaw the building of the temple in Jerusalem.

13. He was appointed King by the Romans. His father of the same name is known for the slaughter of children.

14. He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and was crucified as “King of the Jews.”

All of these rulers have one thing in common with the exception of Jesus. They all ruled over earthly kingdoms and enjoyed the various trappings of government. Yet Jesus was born as King yet His kingdom was not of this world. As King in his own words and actions He told us He came to serve and to give His life for others.

Today and everyday He offers us the invitation to truly become His disciples and let His light shine through our lives. 



Hide not your light, but hold it high

That others who are passing by
May see your light, and thus may know

You walk with Jesus as you go.

Hide not your light because it’s small;

‘Tis better than no light at all.

Hold it on high!  Its little glow

May help more than you’ll ever know.

Hide not your light!  The world has need

Of Christian love and kindly deed.

Hold it on high that others, too,

May see your faith and walk with you.

(Author:  Clara M. Bode)



(1) Henry VIII (2) Arthur (3) William III of Orange  (4) Canute  (5) Richard I (6) Henry V (7) Charles I (8) Rameses II (9) Nero (10) Claudius (11) Saul (12) Soloman (13) Herod ( 14) Jesus

© 2017



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