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The Earth is the Lord's

September 11, 2017

by Rev. Msgr. Hugh Marren, Pastor


There are some people who dispute that statement and there are others who see the Lord as some kind of micro or Nano manager.

The fact, of course, is that when the Lord created the universe, He saw that it was good and pronounced it so.  He did not declare it to be perfect, but simply to be good.  In the creation of the human species he empowered them with the gift of free will and the grace to choose good over evil.  Did God create evil?  The answer is NO!  Evil is a reality but its existence is not of the same dimension as good.  Evil is simply the absence of good just as darkness is the absence of light.  We do not measure darkness but light.  Only God is good and evil is simply the absence of God.

When God created the human species with the gift of free will and the grace to choose Him over self, we know what happened.  Now of course there are many who do not believe this and believe that our world would be better off without God, period.

Noreen Strelow relates the following story…


One day a group of scientists got together and decided that man had come a long way and no longer needed God.  They picked one scientist to go and tell Him that they were done with Him.

The scientist walked up to God and said, “God, we’ve decided that we no longer need you.  We’re to the point that we can clone people and do many miraculous things, so why don’t you just go on and get lost.”

God listened patiently to the man and after the scientist was done talking, God said, “Very well!  How about this?  Let’s have a man-making contest.”

The man replied, “Okay, great!”

But God added, “Now we’re going to do this just like I did back in the old days with Adam.”

The scientist said, “Sure, no problem.”  He bent down and grabbed himself a handful of dirt.

God just looked at him and said, “No, no, no.  Go get your own dirt!”   (Aumamen)


Yes I still believe that “the earth is the Lord’s and its fullness there of”, and He still offers us the same invitation as He did those so many years ago.

“Seek you first the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you” Mt 6:33-34.  But remember, it’s an invitation and as such it is open ended to a yes or a no.  God forces no one so let us make the wise choices, after all, we too are His so choose the Lord first.


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